About Us

Who are we?

PARKTEL is an international company widely rooted in the consumer electronics industry. Every day we strengthen our position by providing our customers with a wide range of smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics at the best prices on the market. Our experience and the professionalism of our sales department have resulted in a number of customers whose trust is most important to us. We carry out wholesale orders throughout Europe and the world.

Our History

Parktel is a specialist in the field of consumer electronics, which started its operations in 2006. We focus on providing our customers with the highest quality equipment at the best prices. The vast experience we have allows us to match the most effective offer to the demand for a given product. Our team regularly finds the best assortment to suit the needs of our contractors at the best prices on the market. We are young, energetic and professional team and we know that quality and time is the most precious for our customers, that is why we act quickly and look for the most suitable solutions.

Forbes Diamonds belongs to PARKTEL

We are pleased to announce that PARKTEL is the winner of the prestigious "Forbes Diamonds 2022" award. Our company took the first place in the ranking recording the largest increase in the value of the company in 2020. The professionalism of our team and the flexibility of the company are factors that allow us to be where we are today. We thank Forbes for recognizing the hard work and commitment we put into our passion and work every day.

See the official video of the Forbes Diamonds 2022 gala and a short interview with our CEO Lukasz Smyk.

Our partners

Our company cooperates with a number of financial and insurance institutions. PARKTEL is also a partner of many prestigious GSM industry platforms.


Our strategic finance and banking partners include the following: ING, Santander, mBank, Pekao SA, PKO BP and BNP Paribas


PARKTEL is a sponsor and member of global platforms for the consumer electronics industry worldwide: Handelot, GSMexchange, IPT, zEmpire and Marvinet.


We also cooperate with a number of insurance institutions such as Coface or Atradius, thanks to which we are able to guarantee the safety of transactions and competitive business conditions.

Our team

Get to know our team better! We will be happy to answer any questions

Maciej Kazmierczak

head of sales and purchase

email: maciek@parktel.pl
phone: +48 530 706 666
WhatsApp: +48 530 706 666
Skype: live:maciek_197

Justyna Zurowska


email: j.zurowska@parktel.pl
phone: +48 534 844 686
WhatsApp: +48 534 844 686
Skype: live:j.zurowska

Lukas Kowalski


email: l.kowalski@parktel.pl
phone: +48 530 44 99 93
WhatsApp: +48 530 44 99 93
Skype: live:.cid.387b8082b33c0ffb

Aris Katarelos


email: aris@parktel.pl
phone: +48 692 863 867
WhatsApp: +48 692 863 867
Skype: live:.cid.55872d39864fc763

Michal Zielinski


email: michal@parktel.pl
phone: +48 530 670 388
WhatsApp: +48 530 670 388
Skype: parktel_2

Parktel Store

retail store

email: sklep@parktel.pl
phone: +48 574 227 835

About us
We are an international trading company. We specialize in sourcing and wholesale of consumer electronics.

Tel: +48 530 006 576
Email: info@parktel.pl
Adress:  Wrocław, ul. Zwycięska 45 lok. 3.2.4

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